Our year in review

Here are just a few of things that happened at the Insane Asylum in 2010 ~

Sean found out that sometimes doing the right thing can be a big hassle.

For the first time since I've had kids in school, we had such a bad rain storm, there was the possibility of schools closing due to flooding.

I found a poem by S that clearly shows what she goes through as a Cheerleader.

While I worked a home show, the girls commandeered my camera and made a video.

I began an attempt to improve the state of the backyard at our current rental house.

I took a break from the dirty backyard and did some painting to spruce up the kitchen.

S and her co-ed varsity cheer squad won the National Championships for Cheer & Dance.

We spent most of the summer out by the pool.

Jan & I went to a local cemetery, so I could take photos, where I lost my cell phone.

Jan, the girls and I took a day hike up in Payson.  It was a blast.

Our 2 cats, Piper and ET, had 5 kittens each with-in 24 hours of each other. (Unfortunately, we lost 2 of them)

There was a Kitten Report with tons of pictures and stories.

I showed off a piece of my old artwork I found from high school.
We get moved into the condo, unpacked, settled in and Sean brings home a monstrosity. (Which turns out is produced by an expensive furniture maker!  Who knew!?)

To save even more money, I decided to shut off our cable TV.  Indefinitely.

I discovered there's a nice park with-in walking distance of the house that's perfect for taking photos.

And from that point on, my blogging was very sporadic.  Basically because we didn't do anything!!  Work, school and cheer practice pretty much consumed our days.

I'm leaving you with a little slide show featuring some of my favorite photos of the girls, and a few of myself, throughout the year.

Song is "Welcome Home" by Radical Face.

Be sure to check back to see my video "My Favorite Photos of 2010".


  1. Oh my, what a year you've had Insane Queen! I hope you and your family had a lovely holiday season and are off to a great start in the new year!

    Keep up the great blogging. You always, ALWAYS make me laugh. =)

  2. Good to hear from you Darcy! We had a very nice Holiday, thank you. Hope you & your family had the same.

    I love that I always, ALWAYS make you laugh! I'm hoping to do more of the same again this year. (Although it's started out a little on the boring side!)