What happens when you don't have cable TV

I made the decision this week to have our cable TV turned off. For the Basic Expanded service I was paying $53/month. Money I could better use on other things.

I warned Sean & the kids that I was going to do this, but will still keep the internet.

No way we could not have cable and internet!!

I told the girls that all the shows we watch, we can watch on the computer, it will just be a day or so after the original air date.

I called in the request on Tuesday and today they finally turned it off. The house has been so quiet!

D has been reading her 6th Harry Potter book and is well on her way to finishing it. Something that wouldn't have happened so fast if the TV was on.

R has been reading a little bit more, too. But, tonight, most of her time was spent on the computer.

Doing research.

For things like this:

It's so annoying, yet I can't stop singing it!!

She was also watching the Britney/Brittany Glee episode.  

For the 4th time!!

I'm just waiting to see who's the first to complain this weekend that they're bored because there is no mind numbing TV channels to flip through, and the the same Disney & Nickelodeon shows to watch!

Then whine when I tell them that if they're so bored, there are dishes to wash and a floor to vacuum....



Yeah.  I know.   Again it's been forever since I stopped by my own little spot on the world wide web.  

I was without internet for nearly 2 weeks and blogging while at work probably isn't the best idea.

But, hey! I finished a book and a half!!

I also haven't picked up my camera in nearly as long.  I just haven't felt very inspired.  I'm going to try and make more of an effort to carry my camera and take more pictures again.  But like most things, easier said then done.

I want to get back to taking a picture each day.  Which can be a challenge since I go to work using the same route everyday, come home, then crash on the couch!  Time to get my imagination in gear!

And of course, stopping by and jotting down some of my ramblings won't hurt, either!  LOL

But for now, I'm gonna go make some spaghetti and garlic bread for D & I.

Thank you Classico & Pepperidge Farms!!! 


Yeah, she DID just say that....

Last night while sitting on the couch watching Glee ~

S:  Mama.  My heart breaks because you won't make me an English muffin, egg and cheese sandwich.


Organizing, and a family artist

We have a file cabinet that I've been putting off getting organized.  When we moved, the time when I would usually go through the files to purge and organize, I just added to the chaos.

And I hate chaos in my filing system.  I'm an organizer.  I like everything in it's place, labeled and in order.  

When I went to get some papers and couldn't find them right away, I knew that file cabinet needed attention.

So on Sunday, I tackled getting it in order.

Sean had shoved a grocery bag full of cab receipts in the bottom drawer!!


They're something that definitely needed to be organized and filed properly.  And not left in a grocery bag!!  I had FOUR years of receipts to get in order.

Took me awhile.

While purging other files (we really don't need receipts from The Golf Store,  From back in 2003.)  I came across a couple of drawings I forgot I had.

Drawings from 1995.

My niece, Lacey, who turns 20 in January, drew these when she was 4 1/2.  The top picture is S.  Which is so cute because S has curly hair! 

The bottom picture is of fruits and vegetables.  Can you guess what they all are??

I'd say, for a 4 1/2 year old, she did a pretty bang up job!


Design, design, design....

My arm is about to fall off.


This past weekend was another home show and I worked all last week on re-vamping the sales book, adding new designs and "spicing" it up.

And we're still not done!

This week I've been working on gate designs, and from my shoulder down to the tips of my fingers ache.

I'm even dreaming of designing!!

But in my dream, my entire right arm isn't killing me.

Needless to say, I haven't had much desire to be at the computer when I get home.  I just want to chill on the couch, vegg in front of the TV, or maybe finish that book I've been reading for the past month.

But I've made a note to myself to give you an update this weekend.
That is if my arm doesn't fall off....