Wow! Someone had an exciting day, and it wasn't me...

Yesterday, Sean spent 2 hours with the local police.

Fun times, my friends. Fun times.

So, here's what happened. As some of you know Sean is a taxi driver in the metro Phoenix area. He's been doing it for about 17 years now, and being a seasoned driver, he knows the areas to avoid & the areas to make the most money.

He's also had some interesting things happen.

For instance, when Savvy was about a year old, he had a yellow Toyota 4X4 truck. Unfortunately it needed a new battery & we were strapped for money at the time, so it sat in the apartment parking lot. One day, I left to take Savvy for a walk & noticed the space it was parked in was empty.

Someone stole it! A few days later, he had a fare in the cab & they were stopped at a stop light. Sean looks over at the vehicle that pulls up next to them & Holy Shit!! It's some dude in his truck!!!

Sean asked the fare if he minded if he chased him & he was okay w/ it as long as he wasn't charged extra (he wasn't). They caught up to him when he dumped the truck on the upper floor of a parking garage (the guy managed to run off on foot). Turns out they couldn't get any viable fingerprints off the vehicle, so basically nothing happened.

Yesterday, wasn't quite as exciting. There were no car chases.

But there was counterfeit money involved.


He gave some chick (his words, not mine) a ride home, then he ran to Quik Trip for a drink. When he paid for it with a $20 bill from his last fare ('the chick'), the clerk told him it was counterfeit. He said something like "Oh, shit. And I know where it came from."

Apparently Quik Trip employees aren't required to report when a customer uses counterfeit money. They just let him walk out!

Sean knew where the girl lived, but didn't know exactly which apartment was hers. As luck would have it, she left her phone in the cab!

Even luckier, she calls it, Sean answers, tells her who he is & says for her to meet him at the cab base & he'll give it back. He then high tails it back to the base, tells his supervisor about her passing the counterfeit bills & that she is coming to the base to get her phone. His supervisor calls the police & when she gets there, they nab her.

Turns out she had $20, $50 & $100 bills and was gambling with them at some of the casinos!

Sean ended up spending 2 hours with the police giving them a report, and then the rest of the day sucked.

Because it wasn't as exciting. And he lost out on 1/2 a day of money.

But, hey, now he has a story to tell his grandchildren.

This one & the one where he got paid in chicken & booze. (True story!)


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