Memorial Day, cemeteries, iced tea, phones, and a very weird dream

Like many American's around the country, we hosted a memorial Day BBQ at our house yesterday.  Our whole family was there with the exception of Sean's uncle (he had other plans) and Shannon's boyfriend, Russ who was throwing up all morning. 

Speaking of Russ, this marks the 2nd get together I've had that he was too sick to attend.  I'm beginning to think he just doesn't want to meet us and hang out.  (Are you reading this, Russ??  Were you really tossing your cookies all day yesterday???  ;P)

Anyway, it was a nice get together with a lot of food.



Later in the day, I wanted to go to a historical cemetery just down the road to get some pictures of grave stones for a Flickr group I'm in.  Plus, it's fun the read all the inscriptions.

And it's more fun to go with someone so Jan came with me.  Because she such a nice sister, and she enjoyed it as much as I did!

Because this was a historical cemetery, established in the mid to late 1800's, I thought there'd be some pretty cool headstones.  I remember when I was a kid growing up back in Massachusetts, we would walk around a cemetery that was not far from our house.  And there was another very old one by our elementary school that the class would walk to and do grave rubbings.  I knew there wouldn't be graves as old as the ones we  had in MA, but the 1800's?  There had to be some good ones.

So off we headed to see what awaited us in old cemetery down the road.

This is much most of the cemetery:

Many of the old tombstones have been replaced with shiny new ones (bummer) and most of the cemetery was dry, dusty dirt.  With areas of overgrown weeds.

The first grave site we came upon was this one:

Which was kinda ironic because that's our last name.  (Well, was my last name!)  Some graves were pretty interesting.  Like this one that looks like it was homemade:

And this one.  Another that looks homemade.

Then we saw this one:

ZOOMER Z & OZELLA!!  People say that kids names nowadays have gotten really weird.  Um.  Hello.  I'd say the 1800's had it's share of even weirder names!

Then there were a few of these:

Woodmen of the World Memorials. Interesting.

After about an hour walking around with Zita (Jan's dog) and seeing jack rabbits

it was time to head back home.  We get to the house and as I'm getting out of the car, I realize my phone is no longer in my pocket.


We ran into the house to drop off Zita, and I could grab a quick drink of water.  We both get out to the car and have a conversation that goes something like this.

"Where are my keys?"

"I don't have the keys."

"I gave them to you when I went to get Zita."

"No.  You gave me your drink."

"Shit!  Then where are they?"

I run into the house and ask if anyone knows where her keys are.  Jane says, "They're right there on the table.  You guys been smoking or something?"

"Yeah. Right.  We were hanging out in a cemetery smoking dope! LOL!!"

We go back and walk/drive around about 17 acres of desert calling my phone and hoping no punk-ass kids stole it.

We back tracked where we had been;  I walked around while Jan drove and continuously called my phone.  After about 5-10 minutes, someone answers!!  Thank God a good Samaritan heard it ringing and answered. 

We drove over to where she and my phone were, and she kindly handed it over; but not before telling us she got spooked by it.

She was taking pictures and heard music (my ring-tone) and got a little freaked that music was coming from one of the grave stones!  Then she thought maybe someone was goofing around and hiding up in a tree.  After it rang several times in a row, she figured out what was happening, grabbed the phone and answered it.

Whoever she was, I can't than her enough.  She saved me a lot of hassle in getting a new one!

We head back home because by now it was time for Jan to go home.  But not before the girls show her the Indian Song.

The older girls and I sat up and watched Real Housewives of New Jersey.  I know, I know.  Trashy "reality" TV.  But S got me hooked.  I can't help myself.  Usually I'm in bed by 9:00, but I think the 3 cans of diet Nestea (which I haven't had in months) gave me just enough energy to push it to 10:00!!  LOL

Then, last night I had a very bizarre dream.  Most of my dreams are bizarre, I just don't remember them.  This one I did.

Jan and I were skipping and dancing around a cemetery and Zita (her dog) was climbing trees (like a cat) and Piper (my cat) was sneaking around graves.  All the while the Indian Song was playing in the background.

I think from now on, I should lay off the diet Nestea....

(You can see all the cemetery photos here


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