Untitled - by Savvy

{DISCLAIMER: She has no idea I'm putting this out there for all to read. I found it on their desk, just lying there, waiting for me to read. It was probably for a Language Arts assignment, but gives us a good look into what it's like being a cheerleader.}

We wear a mask on court & track
to hide our aching arms & back.
The things we do just for the team
may hurt us but our smiles gleam.
The mask puts on a show.

The crowd won't care, no, they won't mind
so we yell louder we don't whine.
Fighting back fatigue we dance as
the mask puts on a show.

Practice practice again & again
encouraging our team to win.
Even though we want to cry
our joyful masks are plastered dry.
Maybe someone will realize
we put on the show.


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