My new haircut

I got my hair cut on Saturday.


I go to the Carsten Aveda beauty school just down the road, and they always do an excellent job.  And with a coupon, it's only $12!! 

It feels so good to have it off my neck.  Especially when I'm driving home from work in the ghetto van and it's 100+ degrees with no air conditioning.

Old hair:

New hair:

Just ignore the double chin in that photo.  We can pretend it's not there.

And just for the record; taking a side view self portrait in the mirror is not easy.  I took several shots just to get these 2 decent ones!!

I took the pics in the bathroom mirror.  I opened the door so I'd get a more interesting background than the ugly door.  

I think the light reflected off the mirror, on to the lens, back on to the mirror, then in my eye, making it look kinda cool.  (click on the pic to see it large & to see the reflection in my eye)

Anyway, there is my new haircut.

I like it.  Even if my kids & bratty little sister don't.

And that's all that matters!!


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