How to get a raise

While walking into Walmart to get Christmas gifts ~

Me: You each get $20 to spend on your sisters.

S: That's all?  Not $25?

Me: Hey, it was going to be only $10 each.

R: Mom, you need to get paid more. You have, like, three jobs.

Me: No. I have one job.

R: But you work for two companies.

Me: That's true.

R: You should start slacking off.  Then when the boss comes up and says, "You've been slacking on the job." You can say, "Well, you've been slacking on my paycheck!"

God, I love my kids!


Where has the Holiday Spirit gone?

Remember the anticipation of Christmas morning when you were a kid?  The excitement of counting down the days until Santa arrives? The joy of listening to Christmas songs, and singing along?

It's seems to have gotten lost.  For awhile it was replaced w/ the anticipation of watching my kids feel the same thing.  But not so much anymore.

Now it's all about "What do I get So-and-So?" And how much money to spend/not spend.

There is a small amount of relief when it's all done, and the anticipation when the gifts are opened.  But sometimes it's an anticipation of whether they will like the gift or not.

I think we need to go back to basics next Christmas.  Drawing names for gifts. Or no gifts at all! Just time spent eating, laughing, and being together with family and friends.

Isn't that what the Christmas spirit is all about? Not about finding the "perfect" gift for everyone.

I'm so tired of the stress of Christmas.  Especially these last few years. I'm sick and tired of every year, the joy of decorating the tree, listening to Christmas songs, and stringing lights has been over shadowed with worry about gift buying.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I do enjoy finding that perfect gift for loved ones.  Taking photos of Christmas lights, decorated trees and festively wrapped packages is one of my most favorite things to do this time of year. I just hate that it feels like the gift giving has become the focus of the Season. 

Okay. Enough of my whining. I'm going to turn on the Christmas music, wrap a couple more gifts, forget about the stress of buying said gifts and enjoy the day.


Wheel of Fortune


S: What?

Me: Don't dilly dally.

S: What does that mean?

Me: I'm talking to Pat Sajak.

Boys are gross

Remember when you were 4 and thought all the boys in your kindergarten class were so gross?

Some things never change.

(I was going to insert a pic of the boys bathroom at work, but didn't want anyone throwing up on their keyboard.  You're welcome.)


Picture of the Day

john cena
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Ahhhh, it's the Holidays

Yesterday while driving home from Goodwill ~

S: There's a place by our house that's selling Christmas trees.

Me: There are probably a few places that are selling them.

S:  Look! That's where they're selling the Christmas trees!!

Me: Oh, yeah, at the nursery.

S: They're so precious.

This morning when Sean & I get back from Walmart ~

S: Did you get a Christmas tree?

Sean: No. There wasn't enough room in the trunk.

S: Are we getting one today?

Sean: I don't know. Maybe not this weekend.

S: They have precious little ones just down the road!