We are the Champions, my friend....

Savvy was in Anaheim, CA this past weekend for the National Cheer-leading Competition.  Her high school has a co-ed varsity team and they performed well enough at Regionals to make to Nationals.

Saturday, they competed against 10 other teams and place first!  Which put them in the competition for Sunday against all top 10 winners.

And they WON!!  

Savvy and her squad are now National Cheer Champions.  They are the only athletic team at their high school to be National Champions.  All the hard work and many hours of practice really paid off.

They each got a garment bag, jacket and medal for coming in first.  And more recognition that cheer-leading is a sport.

Despite what her father may think!

It's really quite an accomplishment.  The boys on the squad are not full time cheerleaders, they are active in other sports (wrestling, volleyball, football, etc) so they probably had to work even harder than the girls;  many who have been in cheer for 2 or more years.

Savvy is a flier, she gets tossed in the air & caught by they guys, and was all bummed that in Sunday's competition they did not toss her as high as they did on Saturday.  (I've seen their tosses ~ she goes scary high!)  Her coach told her not to sweat it, and showed her the score card from Saturday.  In the margin, a judge wrote that Coach has her best flier in the back.  Then drew a little sketch with the flier circled.

That flier was Savvy!  


Sunday, the squad let loose and went to Disneyland (win or loose, they planned on going) and all I could think of were those old Super Bowl commercials ~

"Savvy, you and your squad just won Nationals,  how do you plan on celebrating?"

She said Disneyland was okay, but felt it was definitely geared more towards the younger kids.

One plus ~ Peter Pan was HAWT!  (Her words!!)

When they got back home to the airport, many of the student body and facility were there to greet them with a huge congratulatory banner; that almost everyone signed, balloons and roses for the squad.  I thought that was real nice of the school to come together like that.  And to meet them all at the airport, rather than wait until this morning at school, was really awesome.

So now we have a National Champion in the family. 

And it just might go to her head!


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