The Kitten Report. Otherwise titled 'Kittens in the Cupboard'.

If you are following me on Facebook, you've might have read my kitten updates.  Since I have more to say today ( a lot more), I'm doing the update here instead.

First, they've been moved.  By Piper.  On Saturday morning I was doing laundry when I saw Piper carrying a kitten across the dining room.  I asked her just where did she think she was going with that kitten. Like she was going to answer me!  I followed her, and sure enough she headed to the hall linen closet.  

I was putting away towels and left the door open, which she saw as a prime opportunity.

She moved all the kittens to the bottom of the linen closet, (I think because the kids wouldn't leave them alone) which I then had to rearrange so the kittens weren't peeing all over D's sheets.

I hadn't taken many pictures because it's so dark and I need to use my flash.  I really hate the way photos come out with the flash.  And I haven't really taken the time to learn how to use my on board flash to get a good photo.

This morning I bit the bullet, turned on the flash and shot some kittens (sounds so bad that way, huh?!).

All I can say is thank the Lord for Photoshop!

As you can see from the pic above, they pretty much still sleep most of the time.  

Except that little bugger in the back, Berlioz.

She is going to be a handful.  

Like a toddler with ADHD!

As soon as I began taking pictures (and I'm sure the flash had something to do with it) Berlioz woke up and was off and running.  She was the first of the kittens to open her eyes and begin walking.  That's when I knew she was probably going to be a handful.

Lazy little Number 7 loves to sleep.  

A lot.

He takes a bit longer than the others to get motivated enough to rumble and tumble.

And how adorable are Peach and Couch?

Makes you want to take them home, huh?  **wink wink**  Like in 6 to 8 weeks???

But that Berlioz.  She's an instigator.  I'm sure of it.  Just look at this and tell me you don't agree.

 {Here's a narrative of what's happening in the above photo}

Leaf (in the back):  "Nom, nom, nom.  Yummy feets!"

Peach:  "Huh?  Whaaa???"

Couch:  "I smell.... I smell.... Oh.  I don't know what I smell.  I'm just a widdle baby!

Berlioz:  "Come on!  Wake up!  It's PLAY TIME!!!"

Number 7: "Get. Off. Me.  I want to sleep!"

Poke: **yawn**  "Pax, you makes a comfy pillow."

This program was brought to you by Feline Munchies.  Tune in next week for another exciting episode of "Kittens in the Cupboard".


  1. MEOW. Love the narrative about KITTENS!! soooo... DO they have "kitten breath?" -- I'm kind of thinking NOT b/c I probably would have discovered that by this age of my life.....

  2. No kitten breath. Not that I could tell anyway!