There is now very little that is enjoyable about being unemployed

It's been over a year of me looking for a job. It now officially sucks.

I applied for additional assistance {food stamps & medical insurance} on line a few weeks ago. At the end of the questionnaire it asked how we're making it since out income is smaller than our bills {which BTW are only rent, gas, water & electricity.} and I said we are late on everything.

Then last week I get a letter in the mail from DES. We do not qualify for assistance because we make too much money.


I'm not even gonna try to figure that one out.

Not only does having no extra income {unemployment is just enough to pay some of the utilities} suck, but I'm actually getting bored. My creative mojo is currently asleep at the wheel.

I've been reading a lot. Sleeping even more. {Afternoon naps are more frequent!}

And worse?

I've been watching bad 'reality' TV!

Usually, I'm more of a radio/music type. I'll sit at my computer designing & listening to tunes. Lately, because my mojo won't wake up, I'll switch on the TV, flip through the channels, then stop on some horrible reality show & watch the entire hour of it!

Friday, I was good. I watched HGTV all day! Now I'm practically an expert on staging a house, fixing up a room or two for under $2000, redesigning a kitchen & bathroom, and know how to give a house great curb appeal!

Anyone out there need a design assistant who has no collage degree, or work experience, but knows a lot from watching HGTV & is willing to learn at the hands of an expert?

Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.

Hello? Hello?

Tap, tap, tap.

This thing on?

Anyone out there?

Oh, well.

I'm gonna go take a nap....


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