Last night

While taking S home from work. (To her own apartment!)

S: Oh! I have next Saturday off.

Me: Okay. So, you want to go to Grandma's with us?

S: YES!! She will feed me.



I've been super busy at work since the beginning of Auguast, and many days I feel like I'm sleepwalking through them.

But despite feeling like a walking zombie half the time, I've been sticking to my morning walk.

Weather permitting.  We've been having some fairly wet mornings around here lately.

This morning I wrestled with myself on whether I should walk or not. It was becoming really easy to talk myself out of it.

But in the end, the more rational, and less lazy, part of me prevailed and I set out for my 30 minute morning walk.

Whenever I'm out walking (at any time of day) I like to look up. So many of us forget to look at what's around us, and sometimes, there are surprising things in the sky.

This morning was no execption.

There was a bright crescent moon low in the sky with the rest of it lightly glowing and a bright star just above it (Does anyone know the name of this bright star in the east?) With the soft glow of the rising sun beneath the dark blue sky, I just had to get a picture.

Sadly, my iPhone camera did not do it justice (Or maybe it's the photographer!)

So I gave up on trying to get a good shot of the moon and got my butt in gear.

I headed down our street, and when I rounded the corner onto the next street, and saw the oddest thing in the sky. At first I thought it was a smoke trail from a jet since it was in the general flight path of planes coming and going to the airport. But it didn't look quite right for a jet smoke trail. It was too dence and bright.

Again, my iPhone pictures do not do it justice. I need to figure out how to best photograph during sunrise with city lights all around.

Anyway, this Thing slowly rose, moving from south to north and glowing like a super bright light stick before it took a dip downward.

As it dipped down, that end began to dissipate, while the beginning of the trail remained glowing. As the dissipating end began blowing away and fading more and more, rainbows began to show up in the smoke that looked like when oil and water mix.

This was one time I wished I had my DSLR with me! I watched it for a few minutes then headed home to download the pictures to my computer, to upload them to my blog, so I could tell you all about it.

And what started out as a 30 minute walk, ended up a 5 minute walk, while I watched and took pictures of this anomaly in the sky.

(I'm sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation of exactly what that was. Because I'm pretty sure it wasn't an alien space craft that disintegrated upon entering our atmosphere.)


Just a minute ago

Me: R, do you have to be to school early this morning?

R: No. But I still want to leave early. Like a little after 10.

Me: Well, if we leave a little after 10, we might be a bit late....