In a dry state, how much rain is too much rain?

In the 17 (or is it 18?) years I've lived in Arizona, I don't think we've had so much rain as we've had so far this week.

For the first time since the kids have been in school , a note has been sent home for parents to check the local news stations for school closures tomorrow due to possible flooding.


The younger 2 are so hoping for a flood!

Naturally we can always use the rain. But not all at once!

Spread it out a little here Mother Nature!!

So far this week, we've racked up 3" in our back yard.

The pool most definitely will not need filling for a bit!

Everything is so wet, drippy & soaked.

And my hair??!! Straightening it is a wasted effort. Just look at that mop on top of my head.


Can't wait to see how much more tomorrow brings.....


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