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To celebrate my birthday, Saturday evening, Levi and his girlfriend invited me over to her house for some drinks with the gang. Which consisted of Levi's dad and step mom, his girlfriend's dad, his little sister and her boyfriend, and his aunt. Plus a bunch of kids.

The guys were watching an UFC fight, while us girls caught up and talked girl talk. Levi's step mom used to work for us and I hadn't seen her in months, so it was nice to see her and chat.

Around 10:00 or so, everyone went home, Levi's girlfriend put her daughter to bed, then she, Levi, her dad and I headed out to the garage where the guys pulled out the guitars and jammed.

I knew Levi played with his dad and cousin every Friday night at a local studio, but I had never heard him sing or play. I was quite impressed. When you see and hear a person you've known for years, play an instrument and sing, you see a whole new side of them.

Now, granted, although I love music, I'm nearly tone deaf, but he did sound good. And I could tell he played with his heart and soul. He's one of those who can read music, but will teach himself a song simply by listening to it. Where as, his girlfriend's dad, was a music reader and although played well, just did not seem to have the passion Levi has.

But what do I know?

Levi also played a song he wrote and anther his dad wrote which was awesome. He's only 30, but loves the old rock classics; Led Zeppelin, Boston, early Kid Rock, John Mellencamp, etc. and his songs had that same classic rock feel.

I ended up staying out until 2:30, which I hadn't done in years!

It was a nice pre-birthday get-together.


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Is it Wednesday?

While taking S to work....

S: Is it Thursday or Friday?

Me: Neither. It's Wednesday.

S: It's not Thursday or Friday?

Me: No. It's Wednesday.

After a few minutes....

S: So, it's Wednesday? It's not Thursday?

Me: Yes. It's Wednesday.

S: It's not Thursday?

Me: No. It's Wednesday.

S: So, it's not Thursday, it's Wednesday?

Me: Yes.

S: Okay. Bye. Thanks for the ride.


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Teaching the boss

We (Levi, me and the GM) were a little worried about letting the "VP of Sales" handle all 92+ leads we got off this home show. So Levi came up with this brilliant idea to send me out on some of them.

I don't mind selling, but it's not my passion. I love what I do in the office. Maybe not 100% of what I do, but certainly more than running all over the valley selling doors.

When Levi sat down to talk it over with the GM, they realized that sending me out was just putting a Band-aide on our problem. Not solving it.

We have another show the end of September, and if it's anything close to what we just did this weekend, we need another sales rep and to not send me out into the field again. The owner has agreed to step up to the plate and be the VP of Sales (Bummer for our guy who thinks that's his title!), but he has limited knowledge of the products, pricing and has no idea how to fill out the invoices. He's a salesman by nature, it's what he's done since he began working at age 16, but he needed to learn a few things about his company. So it was agreed on by Levi & the GM that I would go out on leads with the owner to teach him exactly how we want the paperwork filled out and to assist in the product knowledge.

This afternoon was the first 2 leads we went on. Lucky for us, it was 2 easy leads. We closed both, and even sold 2 to the second customer! And the nice thing about it is I get a commission off every sale!!

It's going to be interesting to see how the rest of our sales go.


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Steaks and exhaustion

Today was the last day of the home show.

And it kicked. Our. Asses!

We ended the weekend setting 92 appointments and got nearly 25 call-backs. Not what we were expecting. Not at all.

Last year, our show at the stadium, we set 45 leads. So our goal this weekend was 75 leads. We exceeded that by far, so the bosses took us all out for a steak dinner.

We went to a nearby steak house (which I can't remember the name of), had a couple of drinks, the guys all had steak, and I had the most delicious citrus herb grilled chicken with garlic mashed potatoes. We laughed, talked, joked and tried to convince each other to ride the mechanical bull.

In the end, none of us did.

Not only was it great that we did so well at the show, but it was nice to relax and end the day over a good meal and drinks.

I love my job.


A pause in the schedule

I had good intentions of getting up this morning and going for my 30 minute walk.

In fact, I was awake at 4:30.

But I woke up with the headache from Hell (Still do despite taking some extra strength Tylenol.) and did not have the energy to get up and get out there.

In hindsight, I think it would've done me some good.

Oh, well. Live and learn.

On another note, we have a home show this weekend at the University of Phoenix Stadium. I worked it yesterday and will work today and tomorrow. (Yeah! Lot's over overtime pay!!)

Maybe working the show is why I woke up with a throbbing head!

It was a good Friday for us. Typically Friday's kinda suck because everyone's at work and they usually don't want to head over the the show for just an hour or two. (It ends at 6:00). We started off slow for the first hour, then we had a nice steady stream of people up until the last hour; hour and a half. But, for me, it's frustrating at times because I feel I'm working with a bunch of amateurs. We have the owner working the booth, which is good he's now taking an active roll in HIS company, but he knows very little about the product. And it doesn't look good when he labels himself the Sales Manager, but doesn't know his product. Then we have the GM. Who knows a little bit more about the product than the owner, but has a tendency to cut you off when talking with a client. If anyone has suggestions on how to politely tell your boss it's rude and annoying when he cuts you off, or interrupts you, when your with a client, please, let me know! I hate it when someone is in the booth talking with me and they look straight at me, ask a question, and the GM butts in answering it. Like I don't know! I know more than he does! Shit! I know more than our one and only "VP of Sales"!!

And don't even get me started on him! You all know how I feel about that whole situation. If he was my employee, he would've been fired looooong ago! He is more emotional, and has more mood swings than a dorm room full of women all PMSing at once. It's so very annoying. Grow a pair, Man!

I'm not going to dwell on him and his total lack of skills. Instead I will try to forget my pounding headache, put on my happy face, drink my cup of positive energy, and go to the show today and prove to my bosses that I'm the shit! (What Levi likes to say we are!)

Have a great day everyone!


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31 Days of Sunrises (or close to it)

For the past 2 weeks I've been getting out for a morning walk. I usually go about 5:15 to 5:30.

But no later than 5:30. It's too hot after that.

(Did you know that studies show that people who get up early tend to be more successful?) 

I bring my iPhone with me because you never know when a photo opp is going to happen. Or you need to call 911 because you just saw an accident. Or a creeper is following you.

So far, neither has happened.

Thank goodness!

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. I've been finding my morning walks not only good exercise (I walk for 30 minutes each day), but it's a good energy booster and start to the day.

Also an excellent stress reliever.

One of the things I look forward to on my walks, is watching the sunrise. I find it so relaxing and awe-inspiring. It amazes me that thousands of people every day never stop to look at the beauty that's all around them. Or get up early enough to experience them!

I also do a lot of thinking while on my walk. Sometimes it's about nothing in particular, I just let my mind wander.

And during those times of mind wandering, if anyone could read what I'm thinking, they just might go insane!

Last week I came up with, what I think is a great idea; every morning I'm going to take a photo of the sunrise and post it over on my Picture of the Day section. I usually take the weekends off and sleep in until 5:30 - 6:00 when the sun has already risen, so this will give me incentive to get up and get moving then, too.

And this will also give you night owls, who just can't pull yourselves out of bed in the morning, a chance to see what I see every morning.

Why some days are more trying then others

Before I put down the conversation that transpired on Monday, let me give you a little background history.

At work, we have a bathroom just off the front reception area that all the shop and sale guys had been using and it had gotten disgusting.

It was embarrassing when clients came in and needed to use the restroom. But I was the ONLY one cleaning it and was getting tired of being their maid.

What is it with guys they can't get all their messes in the toilet?? It's beyond gross.

So, Levi took it upon himself last month to get some industrial strength cleaners and scrub the entire bathroom, change the lock, and keep it locked.

Only he and I had a key, so we began using it as our own "Executive" bathroom, taking turns cleaning it once a week.

We got tired of keeping it locked (it was kinda a pain when clients were in the showroom), so we've been keeping it unlocked, but making sure the door is closed (giving the illusion it's still locked). And I still kept an eye out to make sure everybody and their brother wasn't using it and shitting all over. (So gross.)

We also got a sign up that it's for customers only.

Monday I had gone to the supply closet (which is next to the restroom) to get a file folder when I noticed the light on in there. Levi wasn't in the office, and I was in the supply closet, so the only other person it could be was our "VP of Sales".

When he comes out I approach him (and, I'll admit, not all that nicely and slightly bitchy)

Me: Did you just come out of that bathroom?

VP: Uh, yeah. Why?

Me: What does this sign say?

VP: Well, I uh, ummm. I thought it was for employees and customers.

Me: Aggressively pointing to the sign; WHAT does that sign say???

VP: It isn't for employees, too?

Me: Does it SAY employees on the sign??

VP: Uh, ummm, I um. No.

Me: Exactly. It's for customers ONLY!

One of these days, he's going to get me in the wrong mood and get seriously wacked up side the head.

(By the way; he knew full well that bathroom is reserved for customers only. He can read.)