I don't play the saxaphone. So get over it.

I come from a family of musicians.  My mother played piano and my three sisters and brother all played various instruments in our high school band. 

I, on the other hand, did not play an instrument. 

Oh, I tried.  Believe me, I tried.  Like my sisters before me, and my sister and brother after me, in the 4th grade I took up the flute.  Not because I really wanted to learn how to play, but because it seemed expected of me. 

Don't get me wrong.  I love music.  I love singing.  And dancing.  

Although I should only do either one in a room with no one in it!  

I'm rhythmically challenged and tone deaf.  Not a good combination for someone who may want to play the flute.

Or dance.

Or sing.

I soon learned my artistic talents lay in the art room.  The first time, in the fifth grade, I set foot in the art room, I was in love.  All the sights of colors and designs around me were like a crackhead in a crack store.  

I could live in that room.

And the smell.  Oh, the lovely scent of the art room.  

Don't even get me going on the smell of the art room.  There is no better smell (other than fresh cut grass and rain) than paint, turpentine, clay and whatever else there is in that lovely room of creativity.

I took art all four years in high school, and while Mom and Dad went to every single band concert my sisters and brother were in (dragging me with them) there were very few art exhibits. 

In fact, I think our school had a total of three exhibits!  And all were all held on the same nights as the damn band concerts!!  I couldn't even get my own night to show off my talent!  

Can you tell I'm a little bitter with the band?? 

Damn band geeks.

Unfortunately, as much as I loved the art room and drawing and painting, I have done very little over the years. 

Painting a wall, or chair does not count.  I still have my charcoals from back then, and my sketching pencils, gum eraser and calligraphy pen.  Oh, yes, I even did calligraphy.

But now, all that is done on the computer.  And although designing on the computer can be fun, it's just not the same as getting out the sketch pad, pencils, water colors, or acrylics and scribbling away.

And it sure doesn't smell the same either.

*'The Boot' was done by me.  Click on the image for a larger view.  Notice in the lower right hand corner the date (1983) and my grade (95).


  1. I just love your blog--seriously, you crack me up! I can relate to almost everything you write!

    This post made me laugh because I remember wanting so badly to be musically gifted. But I'm not. Like, at all.

    My brother was an AWESOME drum player, while I never made it past recorders and finger cymbals.

    I guess we all have our talents!

    The Chic College Cowgirl

  2. Thanks Darcy. I still wish I could sing. I've always wanted to win a Grammy. Guess that won't ever happen :-(