I never thought I'd be one of those parents who had to drop their kids off, or pick them up, from Dad's house. But now I am.

And it feels weird.

I'm still not used to it. Driving over to the Ex's place, waiting for the kids to come out, then heading back to my place. Or driving them to cheer practice. A friend's house. Tumbling. School. Wherever.

All those things I've done hundreds of times before. From my house. Where they lived. With me.

And dropping them off is the weirdest.

Don't ask me why. It just still feels odd. When I drop them off, I drive off thinking, "I'm now one of those Moms who has to pick their kid up and drop them off at their Dad's. I'm now a statistic."

I'm working on getting over it.

I have, however, adjusted quite well to being single. In fact, I'm loving it!!
I have never lived by myself (And, technically, I'm still not, since the oldest is with me.), I went from my father's house to living with the Ex. But living (nearly) alone is so great! It's nice to come home to the house in the same way I left it. Or nearly the same way. S has a habit of stock-piling dishes in her room, then days (or weeks) later piling them up on the counter above the dishwasher. And I've come home a few times to find food I was saving for dinner or lunch has disappeared. If only I can get rid of my 'Roommate From Hell" then being single will totally be awesome!!!

As much as my sister and mother have been there for me through all this, I'm so glad I have my co-worker L as a good friend. My family has given me some good advice, and has listened to my venting, but getting a guy's point of view, especially about other guys, is the best thing ever! And he has been just as supportive as my family has. Maybe even more so. After all, he did take me out a few weekends ago because he said I REALLY needed to get laid, so he was going to help me with that! (Don't worry, nothing happened other than some good times with friends. Bar guys are not really my thing.) Eventually, though, I might actually get out there and start dating.

But for now, I'm going to enjoy my freedom and the fact I'm not "tied" to anyone.

Other than my kids.