Friday was kind of a boring day at work.  I've been working on re-vamping the sales catalog for our sales reps, as well as reworking old designs and making new ones.

At times this gets monotonous.

So, to relieve my boredom, I thought I'd mess with Levi.

He need a design drawn up for a client that was a simple straight stretch of fencing with a few castings.  Something I've drawn up hundreds of times.  

But Levi forgets this sometimes.  And because he's worked with some dough heads, he explains things like you've never done it.  

So to really mess with him, as he was explaining what I needed to draw and what material sizes (which I knew) I looked at him with a kind of confused expression.

Like maybe I wasn't quite understanding what it was he wanted.

All the while I knew perfectly well what to draw up.

When he was done, he asked if I got it.  Naturally I said yes, but still with the slightly confused look on my face.

He left me to it, but I could tell he wasn't too sure I knew what I was doing and that maybe I've lost it.

A couple times while I was working on it (which, by the way, took all of 20 minutes) he asked how I was coming along.

I'd look at the screen like I was struggling with the design, then tell him I was good and would be done soon.

I had to hide my smirk when he looked like he wasn't too sure what the hell was going on and why I looked like I didn't know haw to draw up a very simple design.

I highly recommend you try this with your boss and/or supervisor.  Just totally confuse the shit out of them with a look like they're now talking Greek to you.

It'll make that boring project a little more fun to get through just knowing your boss has concerns about your abilities now!

Of course, the design was exactly what he wanted.  I've designed way more complicated pieces.  But knowing he was probably a little worried for a while there made for a fun Friday.

At least for me it did.


Listen up

Lately, I've been finding I talk to myself more than I ever have.

In my head.

It usually starts when I'm in the car driving the kids to school.  I'm typically reminding myself what I have to do for the day.

Sometimes, though, the conversation wanders off topic.

And I stop listening to the kids.

Let's face it folks, a conversation with myself about what the heck that vanity plate means, is a lot more interesting than the two kids in the back seat arguing over who left the towel on the bedroom floor.

But this gets them mad, because when they stop arguing long enough to tell me something, or ask a question, I'm not listening.  

I'm still trying to figure out why the heck someone would drive around with a plate that says GEEKER.

Really.  I think the Geo Metro the plates are attached to pretty much explain it all.

After I drop the kids off, I have a 15-20 minute drive to work.  That's when I really begin to talk to myself.

Because the ghetto van doesn't have AC, and it's pretty hot even at 7:30 in the morning, I drive with the windows open.

So listening to the radio is useless.  

And I talk to myself.

Things like: "I'd love to get a picture of the graffiti on that box truck that faces the freeway and is parked in the back lot of that business.  It's so cool.  I wonder how I could get to it.(And in my head, I say it like a run-on sentence, too!)

Or things like: "Really, Dick-wad. You need to ride my ass for the next 3 miles hoping I'd go faster than 70 MPH when you could've passed me at any time??"

And sometimes I remind myself of things I have to do.  Like: "Don't forget to deactivate the call forwarding, call Derrick with today's lead, re-work the entry door design for the Atkinson's, and finish up the security door designs for Levi."

Now, I don't know if talking to yourself, or having conversations with yourself, is healthy or not, but it's helped me in remembering a thing or two!


Old bottles, fugly chairs, and balls

I have a pet peeve.

Well, I have many.  But one of my biggest is furniture on the patio or deck.

The only furniture that goes in either one of those places is patio furniture or deck chairs.

You never put your house furniture on the patio.

Or in front of the house.

Nothing says hillbilly, white trash more than a couch on the front porch.

Or a recliner on the back patio.

Sean knows this pet peeve of mine.  Yet he comes home one day last week with this:

A hideous chair that looks like it came from a cheap motel room.  He found it by the dumpster.

Where it should've stayed.

And to add insult to injury (and to royally piss me off) Sean puts this monstrosity on the back deck.

One of these days, it's going back where it came from.

Fast forward to Sunday.

I unpacked the last of the boxes that were piled up around the dining room table.
I have a collection of bottles that I dug up in the woods behind the house I grew up in.

Most contained over the counter medications, hair tonic, or perfume.  So I hung two shelves and put up all the bottles.  I love how they look like a collection in an old pharmacy.

Sean came home later in the day, watched some football, then left to hit some golf balls.  As he was walking out the door, he looks at the shelves and says they're all trash and need to go back there.

So I told him there is a fugly chair on the deck that came from the trash, and needs to go back there!

He said he going to go hit some balls.


Friday night while taking S to do her community service:

S: I need deodorant.

Me: I do too.  I'm almost out.

S:  No.  I need deodorant now.  My pits stink.


What?? It's been how long?!?!?

These past few weeks it has truly been a House of Insanity.  

As of my last post, I was packing up a house, getting ready for a move, and a huge garage sale.  Well, I got everything packed and ready to move to the new place by the day of our sale (Saturday the 28th) and was up that morning at 3:45 hauling out all the junk I was hoping to make money off of.

I didn't get rid as much as I would've liked (like the giant china cabinet and desk) but made a pretty good chunk of change ($300+).

We moved into the condo over a three day period with the help of friends and family (Thank you so much all who helped!) and are still, a week later, living amongst boxes.

I'd take pictures, but it's too embarrassing!

And I haven't got the energy.

To top it all off, we moved in on Sunday, I did some unpacking on Monday & started a full time job on Tuesday.

I love having a job, but now other things are falling to the bottom of the To Do List.

Like photography.

And unpacking boxes that don't contain necessities.

Then, to make things even more pleasant around here, the AC isn't working properly!  It's been as hot as 98° at night!  

In the house!

The Landlord was going to call someone to come over to look at it, but he said they were all busy, so asked if I'd get someone and he'd just deduct the repair cost off our rent.

Which kinda sucks.  I don't mind that we can deduct the repair bill, but I don't know anyone who fixes AC units!  As the owner of 2 rental properties, he should have a list of repairmen he can call, but I suspect he doesn't and would rather not deal with it.

So I have to.

Lucky for me, Janice used to work with a guy who now has his own AC business, and he can come by today and take a look at it.

Thank goodness!  Because we are literally melting in here!!

In the mean time, with fans all on high, I'm unpacking a bit here and there and will post photos as soon as I get the energy to take them!

Stay cool my friends!

Stay cool.