With family coming over for Thanksgiving, I figured now is as good a time as any to finally get rid of boxes that have been sitting in the living room & dining room.

I mean, really. We moved in almost 3 months ago. Time to look like we've settled in. Not like we're still moving in!

And now, with the boxes gone and very little furniture, the house echos.

But I like it.

Even though an echo-y house means an empty house, to me, it means an uncluttered house.

I'm trying very hard to unclutter.

And keep that way.

But the echo will disappear starting in just a few hours.

First with the delivery of a much needed couch & love seat.

And tomorrow, with the laughter & sounds family.....


On the Way to School This Morning

Me: R, are you eating an orange?

R: Of course.

Me: I thought so. I smelled it. Weird. I also smell bacon.

R: It's Savannah. She didn't take a shower this morning.


You're Never Too Old

Today the girls are playing Hide and Seek.

They've been playing for over an hour now.

It's so nice to see them playing & getting along without much fighting.

Let's see if this can last most of the day.


Cannon is Enjoying is New Bed

And so is Piper!!

{Cannon was not at home when this event occurred.}


Auto Pilot

Ever have one of those days, or a whole week, where you feel like you're simply going through the motions?

That's been me the last 4 days.

Every year, when the weather suddenly goes from hot 90 degree days to cold 70 degree days, I get a cough.

And yes, that's all it is. A simple cough.

One of those dang coughs that causes you to wake up in the morning with a chest full of gunk, then a dry hacking all day. Sleep has been sporadic, causing me to wake up tired and with a crappy headache.

So, I get up my usual 5:00 am, take a shower {because nothing loosens up all that gunk that's settled in your chest over night like a steamy shower} then go through the motions of getting the kids up & ready for school, stopping for gas, running to the grocery store {Did I remember to get cereal? Did we need cereal?? It hurts to think. And make a grocery list.} then home to become a couch potato.

I did manage to get the whole house swept on Sunday.

And yesterday?

Yesterday I made this....

Because this guy deserves it.

And I'm tired of vacuuming the couch every other day.


Games People Play

So, we ended up playing Disney Monopoly despite Savvy's "dislike" if the game.

Unlike regular Monopoly, this one did not last FOR-EV-ER!

And Savvy won.

I lost.

I lost everything.

But that wasn't the point of it all. It was to do something as a family. And that's something we haven't been able to do in a very long time. With Savvy constantly at cheer practice or a game & Sean typically working until 6 or 7, our family time is sporadic.

Even Piper joined in!

I apologize for the poor quality of the photos. This is what happens when a.) you still don't know how to use your camera properly; b.) you have horrible lighting in your dining room and c.) you forget to change settings on your camera.

BTW ~ Although Savvy is holding her, Piper sat up to the table like that. I think she really, really, wanted to get the dice every time we rolled!!

Or to steal a cottage. She's a little thief like that. She will pick it up in her paw, put it in her mouth & run off with it!!

Just before we finished up, Sean come home from taking Cannon with him to play disc golf.

It was his birthday, {Sean's. Not Cannon's}, so he went to play a round and have a couple beers with the guys.

Then he had to face off Savvy in a Connect Four Challenge.

This occurs a few times a year. Savvy is convinced she can beat Sean EVERY time and has to have a competition to prove it.

Which is so funny to watch because they're both very competitive.

And both hate to lose.

Even after a couple of beers, he didn't do too bad. I think it was Sean 3 games won. Savvy 1.

There were a few attempts at cheating and 'do-overs' on her part.

Didn't help any...



It's after dinner and the girls are cleaning up, doing dishes, getting ready to sit down and play a game with me.

Savvy took a shower, so I knocked on her door to ask if she wanted to play Disney Monopoly.

She said she didn't really want to. She is against Monopoly (she was kidding) and wanted to play Yahtzee.

"But first let me get dressed."

"Please. We're not playing strip Yahtzee or Monopoly."

"Oh, yeah. Stripopoly!"