A rainy day at the park

This morning R, D & I took a walk to the park down the road.  The weather channel said today would be cloudy with a low chance of rain.  

Yeah.  Right.

I took along my camera hoping to get some good pictures.  It was, after all, not raining when we left the house.  In fact, a few times the sun even come out from behind a cloud!

That didn't last very long.  

Anyway, here is a pictorial of our morning at the park ~

It wasn't too bad when we set out.  The clouds were a little gray and fluffy.  Not at all menacing looking.

This doesn't look like a day full of cold, wet rain.  Does it?

We brought along some old bread to feed the ducks.  These ones here?  The ones with the white beaks with black tips?  We've never seen them at any of the other parks we've gone to.  They're so cute.  But the black ones with the white faces?  They are mean!  Really mean!

I just like these trees.

These I don't like.  And there were tons of them!  Can you see the one brown pigeon?

 I took a couple of shots of R by the pond.

And with the ducks. the wind started kicking up about this time.  See how R's hair is flying off her head?  She'll hate it.  I think it's cute.

They found this pretty, colorful leaf.  So I took her picture.  She was happy to pose.

Then it started to rain.  Just a little at first.  Not enough that I had to run for cover so my camera didn't get wet.  I had to get some shots of water beading up on the slide!

And dripping off the monkey bars.  (It almost looks like a wet banana!)

The rain started to come down a little harder, so R took cover at the top of the slide.  (D was on another slide and avoiding me.  Wonder why?)

Her idea.  'Cause she's a little weird-o.

Right about then, the rain started coming down in sheets, so we took cover under a nearby gazebo.

I'm not sure if she was aware I took her picture.  But I like it.  Natural.  Un-posed.  Definitely D.

"Hey, R!  You cold?  I did tell you to wear a jacket...."

The rain stopped just enough for us to dash back home.  Well, I walked.  They danced, hopped, skipped and waddled home.

But not before we stopped for some reflective poses.  (Get it?  Reflective?  The shot and the pose?  Mwwhaaa!)  Again, I crack myself up!

The end!

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  1. LOVED the picture journal. Thanks for sharing!!

    I need more practice taking pictures. I'm afraid of my camera - I need lessons!!