Teaching the boss

We (Levi, me and the GM) were a little worried about letting the "VP of Sales" handle all 92+ leads we got off this home show. So Levi came up with this brilliant idea to send me out on some of them.

I don't mind selling, but it's not my passion. I love what I do in the office. Maybe not 100% of what I do, but certainly more than running all over the valley selling doors.

When Levi sat down to talk it over with the GM, they realized that sending me out was just putting a Band-aide on our problem. Not solving it.

We have another show the end of September, and if it's anything close to what we just did this weekend, we need another sales rep and to not send me out into the field again. The owner has agreed to step up to the plate and be the VP of Sales (Bummer for our guy who thinks that's his title!), but he has limited knowledge of the products, pricing and has no idea how to fill out the invoices. He's a salesman by nature, it's what he's done since he began working at age 16, but he needed to learn a few things about his company. So it was agreed on by Levi & the GM that I would go out on leads with the owner to teach him exactly how we want the paperwork filled out and to assist in the product knowledge.

This afternoon was the first 2 leads we went on. Lucky for us, it was 2 easy leads. We closed both, and even sold 2 to the second customer! And the nice thing about it is I get a commission off every sale!!

It's going to be interesting to see how the rest of our sales go.


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