Why some days are more trying then others

Before I put down the conversation that transpired on Monday, let me give you a little background history.

At work, we have a bathroom just off the front reception area that all the shop and sale guys had been using and it had gotten disgusting.

It was embarrassing when clients came in and needed to use the restroom. But I was the ONLY one cleaning it and was getting tired of being their maid.

What is it with guys they can't get all their messes in the toilet?? It's beyond gross.

So, Levi took it upon himself last month to get some industrial strength cleaners and scrub the entire bathroom, change the lock, and keep it locked.

Only he and I had a key, so we began using it as our own "Executive" bathroom, taking turns cleaning it once a week.

We got tired of keeping it locked (it was kinda a pain when clients were in the showroom), so we've been keeping it unlocked, but making sure the door is closed (giving the illusion it's still locked). And I still kept an eye out to make sure everybody and their brother wasn't using it and shitting all over. (So gross.)

We also got a sign up that it's for customers only.

Monday I had gone to the supply closet (which is next to the restroom) to get a file folder when I noticed the light on in there. Levi wasn't in the office, and I was in the supply closet, so the only other person it could be was our "VP of Sales".

When he comes out I approach him (and, I'll admit, not all that nicely and slightly bitchy)

Me: Did you just come out of that bathroom?

VP: Uh, yeah. Why?

Me: What does this sign say?

VP: Well, I uh, ummm. I thought it was for employees and customers.

Me: Aggressively pointing to the sign; WHAT does that sign say???

VP: It isn't for employees, too?

Me: Does it SAY employees on the sign??

VP: Uh, ummm, I um. No.

Me: Exactly. It's for customers ONLY!

One of these days, he's going to get me in the wrong mood and get seriously wacked up side the head.

(By the way; he knew full well that bathroom is reserved for customers only. He can read.)


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