Listen up

Lately, I've been finding I talk to myself more than I ever have.

In my head.

It usually starts when I'm in the car driving the kids to school.  I'm typically reminding myself what I have to do for the day.

Sometimes, though, the conversation wanders off topic.

And I stop listening to the kids.

Let's face it folks, a conversation with myself about what the heck that vanity plate means, is a lot more interesting than the two kids in the back seat arguing over who left the towel on the bedroom floor.

But this gets them mad, because when they stop arguing long enough to tell me something, or ask a question, I'm not listening.  

I'm still trying to figure out why the heck someone would drive around with a plate that says GEEKER.

Really.  I think the Geo Metro the plates are attached to pretty much explain it all.

After I drop the kids off, I have a 15-20 minute drive to work.  That's when I really begin to talk to myself.

Because the ghetto van doesn't have AC, and it's pretty hot even at 7:30 in the morning, I drive with the windows open.

So listening to the radio is useless.  

And I talk to myself.

Things like: "I'd love to get a picture of the graffiti on that box truck that faces the freeway and is parked in the back lot of that business.  It's so cool.  I wonder how I could get to it.(And in my head, I say it like a run-on sentence, too!)

Or things like: "Really, Dick-wad. You need to ride my ass for the next 3 miles hoping I'd go faster than 70 MPH when you could've passed me at any time??"

And sometimes I remind myself of things I have to do.  Like: "Don't forget to deactivate the call forwarding, call Derrick with today's lead, re-work the entry door design for the Atkinson's, and finish up the security door designs for Levi."

Now, I don't know if talking to yourself, or having conversations with yourself, is healthy or not, but it's helped me in remembering a thing or two!


  1. DICK WAD!!!! a favorite word(s) of mine...ESPECIALLY in traffic. But I don't say it in my head. I say it out loud in my car. not like I am trying for them to hear. It actually makes me laugh at their dick wad actions....
    Dick Wad -- LOL LOL

  2. Sometimes I'll yell it out loud, but my new favorite to yell I got from my sister Janice who got from a co-worker ~ TURBO DOUCHE!! There are a lot of TURBO DOUCHES on my way to/from work!! LOL