Friday was kind of a boring day at work.  I've been working on re-vamping the sales catalog for our sales reps, as well as reworking old designs and making new ones.

At times this gets monotonous.

So, to relieve my boredom, I thought I'd mess with Levi.

He need a design drawn up for a client that was a simple straight stretch of fencing with a few castings.  Something I've drawn up hundreds of times.  

But Levi forgets this sometimes.  And because he's worked with some dough heads, he explains things like you've never done it.  

So to really mess with him, as he was explaining what I needed to draw and what material sizes (which I knew) I looked at him with a kind of confused expression.

Like maybe I wasn't quite understanding what it was he wanted.

All the while I knew perfectly well what to draw up.

When he was done, he asked if I got it.  Naturally I said yes, but still with the slightly confused look on my face.

He left me to it, but I could tell he wasn't too sure I knew what I was doing and that maybe I've lost it.

A couple times while I was working on it (which, by the way, took all of 20 minutes) he asked how I was coming along.

I'd look at the screen like I was struggling with the design, then tell him I was good and would be done soon.

I had to hide my smirk when he looked like he wasn't too sure what the hell was going on and why I looked like I didn't know haw to draw up a very simple design.

I highly recommend you try this with your boss and/or supervisor.  Just totally confuse the shit out of them with a look like they're now talking Greek to you.

It'll make that boring project a little more fun to get through just knowing your boss has concerns about your abilities now!

Of course, the design was exactly what he wanted.  I've designed way more complicated pieces.  But knowing he was probably a little worried for a while there made for a fun Friday.

At least for me it did.


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