What?? It's been how long?!?!?

These past few weeks it has truly been a House of Insanity.  

As of my last post, I was packing up a house, getting ready for a move, and a huge garage sale.  Well, I got everything packed and ready to move to the new place by the day of our sale (Saturday the 28th) and was up that morning at 3:45 hauling out all the junk I was hoping to make money off of.

I didn't get rid as much as I would've liked (like the giant china cabinet and desk) but made a pretty good chunk of change ($300+).

We moved into the condo over a three day period with the help of friends and family (Thank you so much all who helped!) and are still, a week later, living amongst boxes.

I'd take pictures, but it's too embarrassing!

And I haven't got the energy.

To top it all off, we moved in on Sunday, I did some unpacking on Monday & started a full time job on Tuesday.

I love having a job, but now other things are falling to the bottom of the To Do List.

Like photography.

And unpacking boxes that don't contain necessities.

Then, to make things even more pleasant around here, the AC isn't working properly!  It's been as hot as 98° at night!  

In the house!

The Landlord was going to call someone to come over to look at it, but he said they were all busy, so asked if I'd get someone and he'd just deduct the repair cost off our rent.

Which kinda sucks.  I don't mind that we can deduct the repair bill, but I don't know anyone who fixes AC units!  As the owner of 2 rental properties, he should have a list of repairmen he can call, but I suspect he doesn't and would rather not deal with it.

So I have to.

Lucky for me, Janice used to work with a guy who now has his own AC business, and he can come by today and take a look at it.

Thank goodness!  Because we are literally melting in here!!

In the mean time, with fans all on high, I'm unpacking a bit here and there and will post photos as soon as I get the energy to take them!

Stay cool my friends!

Stay cool.


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