My new scha-weeet car

Maybe one of these days, I'll tell you about what's been going on the past week or so.  All the events that led to a sleepless night and this post.

But for now I'll just tell you about my new car.

Which really isn't all that scha-weeeet.

But saying it's scha-weeeet, sounds so much better than saying it's a clunker.

Then, again, it's not really a junker.

Or clunker.

I'm actually proud of it.  It has character.

I am now the proud owner of a 1999 Ford Crown Victoria.  And if Sean was looking over my shoulder right now, he'd be saying, "It's an Interceptor.  Tell them it's an Interceptor!"

To make him happy; it's a Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.

That's right. A former police cruiser.

And former taxi cab.

As our family all know, Sean is a cab driver, and to make a long story short, the cab company owed him a cab.  So they gave him me this one. And this puppy has some power!

It has hail damage, so the hood, roof and trunk are all full of dents.

See?  Character.

The dirt left from where the cab phone number was adds even more character. 

But it really, really bugs Sean.  So he'll probably scrub it off soon.

Like tomorrow.

I'm not in anyway a car person.  Sure, a new luxury car would be nice.  But then I'd have to be sure it was always clean, and that no one I don't dent, scratch or maim it. As long as it runs, has heat and AC (this bad boy does!!) and good breaks, I'm fine.

You see, I'm the one who parks in the grocery store parking lot, then swings the door open, dinging the car door parked next to me. With a car like my "new" Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, I'm not worried about the paint scratching.  Or dents.

In fact, I'm not worried about the dents I put in the car next to me.  Especially if they're ass-holes and park really close to my driver's side.

Bad, I know.  But that's life.

I also tend to hit walls....What?  You don't know that story?  I'll have to tell you about it one day.  Anyway, I tend to bump into things with my vehicle.  So one with some dents already in it is perfect!

 Oh!! It has a spot light. That WORKS!!!

I have no clue what I'd use it for.  I'm not running down bad guys to Intercept them (Get it?? Intercept??).  But it looks interesting and has people looking twice.

Besides.  I think it's probably illegal to use it.  Or something.

And most drivers in AZ know the police department uses the Crown Victoria, so it's so funny to see them slowing down when I'm close by.

It's like I have some sort of super power.  

Ooooh!!  It also has a mysterious magical little red button on the dash. Don't know why. I've pushed it and all it did was make a little clicking noise.

I was waiting for something amazing to happen.

That's why it's magic.  The magic will only happen under certain circumstances.

I just don't know what those circumstances are!

Ignore all the dirt in dust you see in the vents by my mysterious magical little red button.  It's bugging the hell out of Sean.  So while I'm at the home show tomorrow, he's cleaning it.

When we got the car Sean & I had a conversation that went something like this:

Sean: The car needs detailing.

Me: Okay

Sean: Do you even know how to detail a car?

Me: Sure. You throw out all the wrappers, papers, and what not that have collected on the back floor.

Sean: I'll detail the car.

So, yeah.  I have a "new" car that was a police car then a taxi cab and has character in the way of dents, mysterious little red buttons, spots lights, rattles in the trunk (No, it's not a body. I checked), and a funky smell.

Yeah me!!


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