Be Okay

It is currently 11:32 PM, Wednesday night & I can not sleep.  My mind is buzzing with a hundred different things and it won’t turn off.

Just a few hours ago, life threw me the mother load of curve balls.  I won’t go into detail, but let’s just say, as I sit here babbling, wide awake, I have my iPhone plugged in with Pandora radio playing and Ingrid Michaelson comes on with “Be Ok”. 

A song that is so very fitting right now.

I am convinced there is a higher being that is testing me right now.  

Testing me big time.
But I refuse to fail.  

I refuse to let the shit that has hit the fan, dirty and stink me up. 

Many years ago I read a book whose title I can no longer remember, who the author was, or even the main plot.  What I do remember is that the main character had a theory that when things got tough and answers were difficult to find, he would “throw it out to the Universe” with the hope that the Universe would throw back the right solution.  Or at least a decent one he could work with.  

Maybe, while I’m tossing and turning, running things over and over in my mind, trying to find the best solution to a current dilemma, maybe, just maybe,  I could toss it out to the Universe and see what comes back.

And I hope to God it isn’t some more shit to hit our already cruddy fan…

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