Going on my 3rd straight week of work. Things may start to not make sense.

We had back to back home shows this past weekend, and the weekend before that.

So, the house is messier than usual and my head is buzzing with a million things I have to get done at work.

The first home show we had (Jan. 7-9) was at the Phoenix Convention Center.  

Way down in the bowls of the building.

Not only was it way down in the basement with horrible signs to find it, it was really small.  We really weren't expecting to do all that well.  

Turns out, we did okay.  21 leads set for the weekend.

Then we had to gear up for the home show this past weekend at the Arizona State Fairgrounds.  It's typically one of  the biggest shows of the year, and this one had all the buildings sold out and full of vendors.

So, we were thinking, it'll be busy and if we set 21 leads at the previous show, we should set at least double that at this one.

Our best show to date was 46 leads for the weekend.

This past weekend we set 94!

From the time the show opened each day at 10AM until it closed (6pm Friday & Saturday; 5pm Sunday) we were non-stop go, go, go. 

We're booked into the second week of February!  And I still have a stack of lead slips to call!!

On top of getting 94 leads entered into the computer (it took me all morning yesterday), answering the phone, setting up installs, scheduling more sales calls, and any other paperwork I have, I also need a design to get out today and another for tomorrow.

Lately I get home from work, crash on the bed, watch TV for a bit, then I'm out for the night by 8pm.

But it's all a good busy. 

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