Organizing, and a family artist

We have a file cabinet that I've been putting off getting organized.  When we moved, the time when I would usually go through the files to purge and organize, I just added to the chaos.

And I hate chaos in my filing system.  I'm an organizer.  I like everything in it's place, labeled and in order.  

When I went to get some papers and couldn't find them right away, I knew that file cabinet needed attention.

So on Sunday, I tackled getting it in order.

Sean had shoved a grocery bag full of cab receipts in the bottom drawer!!


They're something that definitely needed to be organized and filed properly.  And not left in a grocery bag!!  I had FOUR years of receipts to get in order.

Took me awhile.

While purging other files (we really don't need receipts from The Golf Store,  From back in 2003.)  I came across a couple of drawings I forgot I had.

Drawings from 1995.

My niece, Lacey, who turns 20 in January, drew these when she was 4 1/2.  The top picture is S.  Which is so cute because S has curly hair! 

The bottom picture is of fruits and vegetables.  Can you guess what they all are??

I'd say, for a 4 1/2 year old, she did a pretty bang up job!

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