Yeah.  I know.   Again it's been forever since I stopped by my own little spot on the world wide web.  

I was without internet for nearly 2 weeks and blogging while at work probably isn't the best idea.

But, hey! I finished a book and a half!!

I also haven't picked up my camera in nearly as long.  I just haven't felt very inspired.  I'm going to try and make more of an effort to carry my camera and take more pictures again.  But like most things, easier said then done.

I want to get back to taking a picture each day.  Which can be a challenge since I go to work using the same route everyday, come home, then crash on the couch!  Time to get my imagination in gear!

And of course, stopping by and jotting down some of my ramblings won't hurt, either!  LOL

But for now, I'm gonna go make some spaghetti and garlic bread for D & I.

Thank you Classico & Pepperidge Farms!!! 


  1. Yeah, you're back.

  2. ditto anonymous. Yeah, you're back. a picture EVERY day is challenging. believe me. Try "story of the day".... every day. four yours.