First grade paste eater

The other day S and I were talking.  About what, I can't remember.  But some how we got on the subject of eating things.

Things that you really shouldn't eat. But most kids have.

One of those things was grass.  And by grass, I mean the green stuff that grows on your front lawn.  Not the other stuff.  

I grew up in New England where the grass is way different than the grass here.  And I told the girls that, yes, I've eaten grass when I was a kid.

Horses and cows eat it.  I can't be that bad.  My sisters, brother and I have all tried it.  

Some of it is actually kinda sweet.

That lead to "What else have you eaten that's not food, Mom?"

Well, here is what I've eaten* as a kid that wasn't food.  For humans.

*horse grain (Not bad.  Kinda sweet.  The molasses we'd mix into it is gross) 
*clover (yum!)
*I've licked a salt lick (Yuck!)
*chewed on a maple branch (Oh so sweet & yummy!)
*honey suckle (we'd suck out the 'sweetness' from the centers)
*crayons (They're nothing like wax lips!)

Do you see a pattern here?  Other than the salt lick and crayons.

The list grosses them out.  And makes them think I'm even weirder.  Probably because they live no where near a farm, and I grew up down the road from one.

And the last thing I told them I've eaten, is the very common kid eaten item of paste. 

Which, if I remember, wasn't all that bad because I don't ever remember gagging and throwing up.

Every kid in the first grade has eaten or tasted paste.  It's like a rite of passage in elementary school.

And every elementary school had that one kid who was always eating the paste!

During art time, he was the one who would cause the teacher to whisper to her aid; "Remember to watch Randy with the paste.  We're running low."

C'mon, admit it.  You've eaten paste, too.  I know you have.

You've probably chewed pencils, too!

What weird thing(s) did you eat as a kid?

*By eaten, I mean I've tasted a small amount of it.  Unless it was grass and clover.  I ate quite a bit of those growing up.  I don't eat them any more.  Only because AZ doesn't have the good stuff like they have in MA!  I'm just kidding.  Okay.  I'm not.  I'd probably still eat grass, and definitely clover if it was near by.


  1. omg--I'm laughing so hard reading this! I love when people are brave enough to talk about the silly things that we all did as children :)

    When I was little, I'd love to go over to my grandparents' house and suck the honey out of these little purple flower things that grew in their yard. I know they always saw me doing this--and I'm still alive--so I guess it was safe...

  2. The only "weird" thing I remember eating when I was kid was dog bones. and one time my mom cooked chicken livers for the cats & I ate them too - and think i liked them?

  3. I guess my kids are right. I'm weird. I ate grass. I also sucked on rocks, but that's a story for another post!
    Darcy, glad I gave you a laugh! And glad those flowers didn't kill ya!!
    Helen, isn't pate made w/ liver? You were just developing your palate for later in life!