Solitude Interrupted

This morning I grabbed my camera & after dropping the girls off at school, headed to the park to find things to take pictures of.

Just down the road from the high school is a quiet park with a small pond and ducks.  I thought this would be a good place to get some pictures of the new ducklings and not be bothered by anyone.

But first I had to swing back around and get these pictures ~

The school opens their pools to the public in the summer, and as you can see from the photos, they have a kiddie pool.  

Except right now it's being used by this mama duck and her ducklings. 

I guess Cindy and Amy, back at the pond, were going on and on about how adorable and smart and such good swimmers their ducklings are and Vivian had had enough.  She knew the perfect swimming hole where no one will bother her or the kids and the water is always clean and clear.

Whose the smart duck now?? Huh??

I then headed down the road a bit to the park, hoping to get a few shots of Cindy, Amy and their amazing little ones.

When I got out of the van, I saw a couple of ladies sitting at one of the picnic tables chatting.  I planned on just nodding a quiet hello and going about my business.

One of those ladies had a different idea.

As soon as I lifted my camera, she gets up, walks over to me and begins chatting. 

Fast.  And loud.

She had a very heavy Asian accent (click here to see why this could pose a problem) and just rambled on and on like she was on speed. And so loud I thought she was going to scare all the ducks out of the pond!

I did understand that the other day (at least I think it was the other day) she saw there was a "big bird with a very long neck" (a blue heron) and wanted to take a picture of it, so she ran home to get her camera but when she got back, it was flying off. 

I pointed across the pond to where it was and told her it was here.  She then said something about me taking it's picture. 

Almost demanded it. 

I had to disappoint her by telling her I did not have a zoom lens and wouldn't be able to get a good shot from where I was.  That didn't discourage her from chattering over and over "It over there!  You see?!  See?!  It over there!

Ummm.  Yeah.  I know.  Remember, I pointed it out to you??

The heron flew off into a tree, I squatted down to get pictures of ducklings and she, thankfully, left to walk around the pond.

There were only 2 families there; each had 4 ducklings.  And boy, are they all cute and fluffy!

This mama (I think this was Amy.  LOL) was not too happy I was going to the edge of the water and getting close to her brood.  She swam over, gathered the kids and honked a warning at me. 

I don't think she understood me when I told her I just want to take their picture, because she stuck her beak in the air and swam off with the kiddos.

A little later a guy came by with a huge sack of seed for the birds, so I sat on a bench by the water's edge and shot a few ducklings.  (I just love saying that!)

This little bruiser was not going to let those dirty pigeons have any of of the yummy seed.  Every time they got close, he would chase them off and snip at their heads!!  

It was kinda cute.

There were also about a dozen turtles that swam by hoping for a tid bit.

All and all it was a nice 45 minutes of quiet (after Chatty Cathy left) by myself.

Then the laundry and dirty floors started calling me and I had to go home to eradicate them...



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