Do you have any WIIIIIIDE shirts?

Last night, the girls were making fun of the accent they think I have, but I'm pretty sure I don't have.  


Because, anyone who knows anything, knows it's CRAY-ON.  Not CRAN.
Anyway, that got me to thinking about accents.  And how half the time I can't understand people who have heavy accents.  Like anyone from New Orleans.  Or a foreign country.

Way back in the day, I worked at a clothing store back in Massachusetts.  One of the sales staff was a very sweet girl from the south; Penny.  Penny and I would have some pretty good laughs.  She'd tell me stories, and I'd think things happened that didn't really happen because I had trouble understanding her heavy southern accent.

One day she was helping a customer when she came up to me and asked me a question.

I thought she asked if we had any wide shirts.  Not really getting what she meant (she was from the south after all!) I told her we had some XL men's shirts.

She replied, "No.  Wiiiiiide shirts."

Looking at her like she grew another head from her shoulders, I told her we had some 'one-size-fits-all' long sleeve tee shirts....

Again, she says "NO!  WIIIIIIIIDE!!"

So I say, "You mean something really big and loose?"

This went on for a few more minutes.  Her telling me "NO!  WIIIIIIIIDE!!" and me trying to figure out what she means by a wide shirt.

Finally she says, real slow; "No, Jackie.  Do. We. Have. Any whi-TTTe shirts!"  (Strong emphasis on the 'T'.)

Oh!  Any WHITE shirts!!!  Yeah.  We did.

The whole time we were going back and forth, the customer never chimed in that it was a WHITE shirt they were looking for.

I think they were having too much fun laughing at me.


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