How my day has started out.....

About an hour ago I had the weirdest conversation ever ~

D was in the back yard talking over the fence to our neighbor's 15 yr old niece.  (I have yet to meet my neighbor!)  I went out to see who she (D) was talking to, said Hi to the girl, then went back into the house to finish what I was doing.

A few minutes later, D comes into the house and says the girl wanted to talk to me.  When I asked about  what, D had no idea.

So I go back outside, ask the girl what's up and she says:

"My best friend died last week."

(Long, silent, slightly awkward pause.)

I tell her I'm sorry her best friend died.

She then proceeds to tell me how he was 18, got hit in an intersection by a drunk driver and was on life support.  They then took him off life support, he died soon after and the funeral was on Mother's Day.

I can't say in all of my 40-something years have I had anyone call me over and out of the blue, tell me a friend/relative has just died.

When I said again, that I was sorry for the loss of her friend, and that I had to get back to what I was doing, she asked in a very worried voice; "But your daughter can still stay out and talk, can't she???"

I think the poor girl might've been a bit lonely....

After I finish vacuuming, I'll tell you about the girls choir concert...


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