Choir Concerts by Middle School Children

Every year the middle school choir has a Pops Concert near the end of the school year.  And every year since 1995, I've been going to them because all 3 girls have been in choir.  It's supposed to be a more upbeat concert and a chance for many of the students to sing solo, or show their skills on the piano or guitar.

Tonight is the concert for this year. 

And I'm so hoping it is better than last year.  Unfortunately, the concert then was over 2 hours long.  

In the gym.  

With no AC.  (Talk about the overwhelming smell of sweat and feet from hundreds of students!  Uuuugggg!)

It was hell.

Partly due to the length and the lack of AC, but also the choir director let every kid who wanted to, have a solo.  And last year, I think every kid but mine, wanted to sing.  

Then, to make the experience even less enjoyable, some of the soloists could not sing!

I almost felt like I was at the American Idol Auditions.

I'm hoping before she gets to high school, D will go for it and do a solo.
Because that girl sure loves to sing!

All.  The.  Time!

This year the director said he cut down on the number of songs and soloists for this concert, and it will only be an hour long.

Let's hope so.

Because I have a low tolerance for middle school choir concerts, with horrible singers, that last much longer than that.


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