So, about the girls choir concert....

Let me first tell you, I do not like the middle school choir director.  I didn't like him the first time I met him when Savvy started choir in 6th grade; 5 years ago.

Sometimes you meet someone and right off you just don't get a good vibe from them, and they just get on your nerves.  That's how I feel about this guy.

You know how every class has that one looser who says and does whatever he thinks the in crowd wants him to say and do hoping to be in their clique?  Only to be the one who is always ostracized?

That's how this guy acts.  Except he's an adult and the clique he's trying to impress are a group of 6, 7 and 8th graders.  

None of the kids respect him, they run all over him and he tries to be their friend by bribing them with food and candy.

Anyway, the concert wasn't too long ~ and hour and 15 minutes.  But I was 15 minutes late, so it was only an hour for me!!
Out of about 12 songs, there were 4 solos ( the rest of the "soloists" sang a verse or two of each song with the rest of the choir on back-up)

And I know these are middle school kids, and not every one of them can sing, but if they are clearly tone deaf and sound like an American Idol audition gone bad, please don't let them up there solo.

Three of those solos were worth listening to, though.

One gal sang Bon Jovi's 'It's My Life', and kudos to her for having the guts to get up in front of about 100 people and singing.

But she really shouldn't have.


I can't sing worth crap, and I think I could've done better than her!

I enjoy listening to my kids sing, I do not enjoy listening to other kids who can't.

The choir director hasn't the balls to tell kids like her they're not cut out for a solo.  

Because then they might hate him.

I know I sure do.

For allowing them to sing!!

He was also very unorganized, and on many of the songs you couldn't hear the choir over his keyboard and the accompanying drummer. 

You'd think he'd know enough to turn down the amp on the keyboard and up it on the mic. 

You'd think.

THEN, then there were 2 girls who were singing and the mic was so loud that they hit this high note (rather badly I must say) that was so loud it made your ears ring.


I could feel my ear drums rattling after that performance!!

They ended the concert with 'We Are the World' and each student had an audience member (friend or relative) join them on stage to sing along.

My girls knew better than to even think about asking me up there!

I'll sing loud and horribly at home or in my car, but not at a school event.

Or any other kind of public event for that matter.

It was rather nice though, the kids were doing a good job.

Then the director had to go and ruin it by getting up to the mic and singing.

He doesn't sing all that well....


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