No Title...

...because I haven't got the brain power right now to think of a witty one.  My allergy medicine has made my head a little fuzzy.

So, if nothing in this post makes any sense, it's because I'm drugged up.  

On antihistamines.

It has been soooo boring around here.  Absolutely nothing has happened in the past, what, month

Okay, S did go to Cali and her co-ed cheer squad won the National Championships, and she had her final dance concert last week (it was awesome!).

But the rest of us? 

What have we done? 


School, work, laundry, vacuuming, dishes, the same ol' same ol' we do day in and day out.

We are not an exciting, adventurous family!

Oh!  I did play LIFE with R and D last night.  They hate it that when I play I never choose to go to college.  I like to risk it and see how much I can make without a degree.  Last night I was a police officer, making 70K and living in a mobile home with my husband and son (I always choose to have a son in the game of LIFE.  I have enough girls in my real life, thank you very much!).  Then I had a midlife crisis, changed jobs and became an entertainer.  I also got a raise (switched salaries with another player) and started making 100K.  Plus, I always buy as much stock as possible.  That's pretty much how I make all my money.

In the game of LIFE that is.

This weekend (well, tomorrow, Saturday & Sunday) I'm working the home show again for Allied Gate at the state fair grounds. Levi said there aren't many exhibitors, they have one or two buildings that are empty, which is unusual.   I won't be working the whole show with Levi, which is a bummer, but it won't be all bad.  They hired a new salesman who just happens to be a good friend of mine that I worked with at Distinctive!

Hopefully it'll be a good show and we get a bunch of leads/appointments.

Right now I'm gonna to go read, and possible take a nap, but I will leave you with a couple of pics ~

see the rest of R's pics here

see the rest of D's pics here


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