Hello. My Name is Hashish...

Driving home from school with Savvy we were listening to the radio & trying to figure out the lyrics to the song on the radio.

One part sounded like "Come on and kick me." Which could in fact be the lyrics. But she felt that made no sense.

So we listened in silence to the rest of the song & near the end I thought they said "lost my hash pipe."* When I said those lyrics out loud Savvy asked what hash was.

I told her it's hashish. Which is sorta like marijuana.

S: Oh. Sounds like an Indian name. {Said in a Middle Eastern accent} "Hello, my name is Hashish. Welcome to the Quickie Mart. $20 on pump 7. Thank you. Have a nice day."

*I later learned those are indeed the lyrics to Weezer's song Hash Pipe.


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