Why do kids ask us kinda stupid questions?

This is a rhetorical question.

Because, I doubt if any of us really know the answer. I realize most kids grow up believing their parents know everything, but you'd think that by age 16, they'd figure out that sometimes we don't know jack.

And we sometimes make up shit just to see if they believe it.

And my kids, they usually believe it.

I took Savvy to cheer practice a bit ago & when we got to school there was an ambulance there.

She ask me what was going on.

Common sense tells you that if the ambulance is there, then someone got hurt. Exactly what happened? I sure as hell didn't know. Yet she asks me anyway.

I get questions like this all the time.

"Mom. Why is the sky called 'sky'? Who invented the name? Why did they call it that & not something else?"

"Mom. Why is that guy walking around the Wal-Mart wearing a robe, slippers, ski hat & talking to himself?"

"Mom. What happens to yesterday? Where does it go? Is it filed away somewhere?"


But if you want, I can make up a pretty good answer to all your cotton headed ninny muggins questions.

And laugh at you when you believe what I just said...


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