A little follow up...

Sean & I talked more about Monday's incident. Okay. More like I pelted him with questions & he answered them!

What was really bugging me was the fact the Quick Trip clerk let him walk out knowing he had a counterfeit bill. When I was in retail, it was required of us to hold the person & contact the police. That way they can try to trace the bill(s) back to the counterfeiter.

Sean said he goes into this particular Quick Trip often & the clerk knew him.


So the clerk probably figured Sean wasn't printing money in his garage, but he still got it from someone, somewhere. I guess that didn't matter to him (the clerk).

Then Sean tells me that when the local police arrived at the base, once they found out why they were called out, they acted pissy. Like Sean & his supervisor were wasting their time.

And to top it all off, the FBI arrive 3 hours later with the same attitude!

I told him that it sounds like you can make counterfeit money, spend it & it's no big deal. The authorities have better things to do than worry about someone using fake money all over town.

But I don't recommend you try it.....


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