A small break in my same old boring routine

Yesterday was a nice break from my regular duties as family taxi driver. {And you all thought that was Sean's job!}

Which, by the way, is a job I hate.

I'm sure I've mentioned it before. I want a chauffeur.

Anyway, I went out to Allied Gate to give Levi a lesson in the CAD program I use to design their products. He wanted to know some of the basics for now, so if a design needs a simple tweak, he could do it himself. That took about 1 1/2 hrs.

Then I came home & did some painting on a super secret project. Can't tell you about it, you'll have to wait until next week.


I played around on the computer learning how to make Blogger layouts. I've discovered, I really love learning. Especially when it's a subject that's in the creative field!

Then it was off to taxi around kids. First, at 2:30 to get Savvy. I usually pick up her & her friend Ayce & drop him off on our way home. Then it was over to get Dare an hour later.

I wanted some nice pictures of her, so we just went out to the back yard & I shot a few. She did a nice job of posing without weird faces or complaints.

See the rest of them here.

I wanted some of Savvy in her cheer uniform, but she was being such a butt head & taking for-ever getting ready.

Then it was back to taxing when I was off to get Roo at 5:00, make dinner (Tortellini & garlic bread. Yum!) and take Savvy back to school for a game.

After that, I sat on the couch & watched Food Challenge with Roo until I had to go back out again at 8:30 to get Savvy after the game.

Really. I want a chauffeur.