The Enemy. Or as I like to call it ~ the job I hate.

I hate, hate, hate to vacuum. 

Yet I love it. 

I love it because I like my house to be clean. 

I hate it because it's such a big chore. 

You see, I have 3 kids, 2 cats & 1 dog. That's a lot of dirt & fur accumulating around & under everything. Plus our new house is all wood & tile floors. There is not a stitch of carpet to trap the dirt & fur to hide it. It does find it's way under the couches & beds to hide for a bit before it transforms into rather large dust bunnies. But those darn bunnies manage to float out from under the couches & beds & run amok throughout the house. 

Have you every tried to capture a dust bunny with a broom on a wood floor? They just laugh at you & run away. The more you chase them, the faster they run. Until you finally give up & pull out the bulky vacuum with the extra long attachment hose to suck them into oblivion. 

Which brings me to the reason I hate to vacuum. Because of all the wood & tile in our house, in order to really get all the dirt, dust, fur & dust bunnies, I have to use the extra long attachment hose.

And pull the bulky vacuum around the house behind me hoping I don't take chunks out of the corners of every wall.

When we got our recent vacuum I got rid of the old one that didn't suck. Both vacuums had gray attachment hoses & I think the one that went with this vacuum went out with the old one. So it doesn't fit on the hose right. It falls off all the time, making the process frustrating & taking longer to accomplish. I've tried to vacuum without the attachment hose, but all that does is spit pieces of dirt out the back at my ankles. And being peppered with teeny, tiny pieces of dirt in the ankles does not make the chore any more enjoyable. 

My dream vacuum is the Dyson Ball

Someday, I will own one.

Sean can't understand how anyone can spend $500+ on a vacuum. But a Dyson is bagless. Which means over time, you save a ton of money on not buying vacuum bags.

And bagless vacuums do not get that weird "stale vacuum smell" that bagged ones get after a few uses. But right now I don't have an extra $500+ to spare for a new vacuum....


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