Games People Play

So, we ended up playing Disney Monopoly despite Savvy's "dislike" if the game.

Unlike regular Monopoly, this one did not last FOR-EV-ER!

And Savvy won.

I lost.

I lost everything.

But that wasn't the point of it all. It was to do something as a family. And that's something we haven't been able to do in a very long time. With Savvy constantly at cheer practice or a game & Sean typically working until 6 or 7, our family time is sporadic.

Even Piper joined in!

I apologize for the poor quality of the photos. This is what happens when a.) you still don't know how to use your camera properly; b.) you have horrible lighting in your dining room and c.) you forget to change settings on your camera.

BTW ~ Although Savvy is holding her, Piper sat up to the table like that. I think she really, really, wanted to get the dice every time we rolled!!

Or to steal a cottage. She's a little thief like that. She will pick it up in her paw, put it in her mouth & run off with it!!

Just before we finished up, Sean come home from taking Cannon with him to play disc golf.

It was his birthday, {Sean's. Not Cannon's}, so he went to play a round and have a couple beers with the guys.

Then he had to face off Savvy in a Connect Four Challenge.

This occurs a few times a year. Savvy is convinced she can beat Sean EVERY time and has to have a competition to prove it.

Which is so funny to watch because they're both very competitive.

And both hate to lose.

Even after a couple of beers, he didn't do too bad. I think it was Sean 3 games won. Savvy 1.

There were a few attempts at cheating and 'do-overs' on her part.

Didn't help any...


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