Auto Pilot

Ever have one of those days, or a whole week, where you feel like you're simply going through the motions?

That's been me the last 4 days.

Every year, when the weather suddenly goes from hot 90 degree days to cold 70 degree days, I get a cough.

And yes, that's all it is. A simple cough.

One of those dang coughs that causes you to wake up in the morning with a chest full of gunk, then a dry hacking all day. Sleep has been sporadic, causing me to wake up tired and with a crappy headache.

So, I get up my usual 5:00 am, take a shower {because nothing loosens up all that gunk that's settled in your chest over night like a steamy shower} then go through the motions of getting the kids up & ready for school, stopping for gas, running to the grocery store {Did I remember to get cereal? Did we need cereal?? It hurts to think. And make a grocery list.} then home to become a couch potato.

I did manage to get the whole house swept on Sunday.

And yesterday?

Yesterday I made this....

Because this guy deserves it.

And I'm tired of vacuuming the couch every other day.


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