Moments That Soon Will Pass

This afternoon after work (Yes, this week I've been going into the office. YEAH!) & getting the younger 2 from school, D & I were lying on my bed talking about our day.

Hers was much more exciting than mine.

As we were lying there, the light from my bedroom window was hitting her face in such a way that it really brought out her freckles and eyes.

**We interrupt our regularly scheduled program for this bizarre sighting**

I had to pop out real quick to take S to practice & saw a man walking down the street.

On stilts!

I've never seen anyone outside the circus walking on stilts.

Very bizarre.

**We now return you to your regularly scheduled program**

So, I had to get a picture. It is so rare that I get good shots of her.

She is so much like her Grandmother when it comes to getting her picture taken!!

But today, she was all into it.

And I think I got an excellent shot of her.

It's amazing how just an eye can say a lot...


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