Yeah, Sure, The Water's Just Fine. Come On In....

As we suspected when we decided to rent this house, D has been loving the pool. Since Sean had it cleaned enough to swim in last week, she has been in it every day.

Twice, sometimes three, times a day!

She is going to be very sad the end of this week until about April or May. It's going to be way too cold to swim.

But it wouldn't surprise me if she attempts to try it.

Yesterday, despite the pool temp being about 76 degrees, she was in it about 3 times throughout the day.

Definitely not warm enough for me to dive in!

D: Mom, come in. It's not really that bad. You know if you would just move around in the pool, your body will get used to it & it won't be so cold. You always jump in, say it's cold, & get out.

Me: Because it is cold!

D: Mom! Don't you remember how it was in Massachusetts in the winter? When you went out, you had to move around to stay warm. It's just like that.

Me: D. I avoided going out in the winter at all costs. Just like I avoid the cold pool in October.

And November.

And December.

And January.....


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