Chores ~ I STILL Hate Them

As most of you may know by reading my past posts & seeing the pictures of our new house, we have either Pergo wood floors or tile through the entire house. Including the bedrooms.

I love having the wood & tile floors. With 3, no 4 kids, it makes cleaning easier. I get out the vacuum & go at it and am done in about 30 minutes.

Sean insists I should not vacuum the wood floors.

"The vacuum brushes & wheels are going to scratch up the floors. So sweep."

Bull shit! I say. They're effin' Pergo floors!! They're made to handle vacuum cleaner wheels!! I refuse to chase balls of flying cat fur around trying to wrangle them with a broom. Hell no! I attack those buggers with the vacuum hose & kill them dead!!!

He keeps claiming the living room is his room. Fine I tell him. You clean it. With the broom. While chasing flying fur balls around.

Naturally he has not cleaned it yet.

This morning, I pulled out the vacuum cleaner, attached the hoses & began cleaning the house. I was going to continue to be bull headed stubborn & not vacuum the living room, but the neat freak in me couldn't leave it dirty while the rest of the house was clean.

So I vacuumed it.

And the rebel in me was wishing Sean would walk in just so I could rub it in his face that I was cleaning his room. WITH THE VACUUM CLEANER!!!

I hate cleaning too much to bother with sweeping the whole house.

That's why the vacuum was invented.

To make my life easier.

Like running water, electricity and the flush toilet....


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