The Plight of a Kitten

As you may know we now have 2 kittens ~ Piper and the Kitten Who Has No Name.

Until recently. She is now being called ET by everyone.

Except Sean. He still calls her Little Brown or LB.

Having 2 kittens is like having 2 more kids. Two toddlers to be exact. And they are as different in personality as they are in looks.

Piper is a spaz.


I still have half empty boxes in the dining room and living room. She loves those boxes. She will come running from across the room and jump in/on them, attacking like there is no tomorrow. She loves to go outdoors and will whine to be let out.

And when I say whine, I mean whine. You ever have your kids repeat Mom. Mom. Mom. over and over to get your attention & if you don't acknowledge them 2 minutes after they start, that chant becomes a whine? That's what Piper sounds like at the door.

And the little bugger is smart.

Too smart.

We have a cat door out to the garage, so we put the litter box out there. It took Piper all of 3 minutes to figure it out.

Not so much to use the litter box.

But to explore undiscovered territory.

I keep telling her curiosity killed the cat, but I don't think she hears me.

ET, on the other hand is slow. In all meanings of the word. It took her 2 days to figure out the kitty door. And she still acts like she's not sure exactly how to go out it. She occasionally plays but rarely runs around.

Playtime for ET lasts 5 minutes.

Maybe this explains why

Lord have mercy! That's some caboose she has there!!

I swear she is mentally slow.

She will sit and stare at the wall or floor.

For hours.

Or stare out the arcadia door.

At night.

For hours.

Help me Rhonda, there's that big ol' caboose again!

Lord knows what she is seeing, but it keeps her in a trance.

Until someone rattles the bag of kitten treats.

Last night Sean came home and was saying something about ET being so slow. He said he was sure S dropped her on her head when she brought her home.

No, she said, she was born in the back yard and they didn't always feed her, so her brain didn't get the proper nutrition to develop properly.

She may be on to something....


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