Mom Always Said Payback is a Bitch

Any of you who know S, know that since forever she gets whiny. Especially when she can't do something.

Like the time when she was about 3 and was learning to ride her Fisher Price 1-2-3 bike. This required her to peddle. To put her feet on the peddles and push to move the bike forward. I taught her how to do it, even going as far as putting her feet on the peddles, and with my hands, showing her how she needs to push her feet forward to turn the wheel. For some reason she could not grasp this concept.

And after living with her for 3 years, I knew if I continued to try and help her understand, it would just lead to her being more frustrated and mad at me. So I left her alone in the driveway to figure it out by herself while I went into the house and watched from the window. Less than 5 minutes later, she starts whining and yelling to me that the bike doesn't work.

Just why do you think the bike doesn't work?

It doesn't work because the batteries are dead!!

This is how her brain works.


Flash forward to this afternoon.

She was taking down the curtain rod in the dining room, working on unscrewing a bracket. She started whining about how she can't do it any longer, the screw is soooo long and it's going to take forever......

Blah, blah, blah....

Whenever she starts in with the whining I always say; You know if you whine even more it'll get done faster.

So being the smart ass punk that she is, she starts whining even more.

Suddenly the screw comes all the way out, surprising her.

You're right. Whining a lot does work!


Then she takes a break.

Because unscrewing 2 screws from the wall is very exhausting work.

She comes back to tackle the other bracket and says something about me taking them down for her.

Suddenly, R, who has been sitting quietly on the floor painting a shelf, pipes up

She probably can't reach up that far.


Punks, I tell you!





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