Caught in a Whirl Wind

The past few days have been pretty busy. I went from setting home with the kids to 4 full days of busy, busy, busy.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday I worked the home show at the University of Phoenix Stadium. Friday & Sunday were easy 8 hour days, but Saturday was a loooong 10 hour day. It was really nice to get out, and Levi & I got to catch up on what's going on in our lives.

All 3 days were busy, we set about 15 or so appointments. Which means more work for me. I really miss the interaction with the customers {or maybe it's just talking with all adults all day!!} and I can't wait until I get back to more designing!

On Monday, Mom needed some help with installing a new stove & overhead microwave. So the younger two & I went over to help. {S started school on Monday.} The hardest part was getting the overhead microwave attached! That took a sweaty couple of hours!!

Now mom has a working oven & microwave. Which means we can visit for lunch or dinner more often!!

Today the younger 2 started school, so I have the house all to myself.


How nice it is to sit in a quiet house & not hear any bickering.

That bubble will burst in about an hour......



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