Another Day, Another Week

Well, the girls made it through their first week of school & I made it through another birthday.

Happy B-Day to me!
{Brought to you by Danny the mannequin. Featured in my Flickr stream found here.}

Not that this birthday was much different than any other since I was 30.

Because, you know, I'm only 32 now.

That's my story & I'm sticking to it.

As long as people keep believing it!!!

For R & S, the first week of school wasn't much different than the last couple of years.

For D it was a bigger change.

She's now in middle school. A different school, new friends, different teachers. All that good stuff that comes with growing up & plowing through school.

She doesn't have class with any of her friends from elementary school, but made 2 new friends the first 2 days of school. S made a new friend, too. Although her way to make friends is to walk up to a cute boy & say to him, "You're cute. Will you be my friend?"

I'm not kidding.

She really did that.

I think she gets it from her father.

But that's what I love about my girls. They make friends easily & quickly. They are in no way like I was. I was so shy that it took me half the year to make friends. At least until I was in 8th grade! By then most of the kids in my class I'd been going to school with since kindergarten. And new students were few & far between. In kindergarten I was afraid of everyone! When I was 17 & forced to get a job {thanks Mom!!}, it terrified me that I would have to talk to people. People I didn't **GULP** know.

You'll be happy to know I've over come that fear & now enjoy talking to people.

Even people I don't know!

I got a couple of cool gifts for my birthday.

S got me this ~

She bought it about a month ago & was so excited about it. She just couldn't wait to give it to me! She actually had me open it on the 12th because she couldn't wait any longer!! Silly girl.

And Mom got me these ~

You may remember me mentioning them here. They are so cool. And go with absolutely nothing I own. Except my laptop & bag I carry it in. Which makes them all the more appealing to me.

Sean said he thinks they're gay & don't match my clothes. Which, again, makes me love them even more!!

True, they don't match.

They coordinate!

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  1. Um, Hello!!! #1 - You didn't put what I gave you and #2 - I gave you the green bag you put your laptop in, or lunch, or whatever. Nah!