Ducks, Turtles, Trees & Ponds

Yesterday, the younger two & I got up early {at least it was for them} to go to the park. I wanted to get there before 8 before it got way too hot.

We got there about 7:30 & it was already 92 degrees! We went to a little park that's in a strip mall like area. It's behind a couple of restaurants & an office building & is a pretty nice spot.

It has 2 small ponds, a fountain & trees. They have some tables & benches scattered through out that look like spots for the employees to have lunch.

This is the larger pond that has a bunch of HUGE koi fish and turtles. When we first got there, there was a turtle sunning itself on a rock. He looked quite happy!

We walked half way around the pond, then went to the smaller one behind it to feed the 6 ducks that were there. There were more koi fish & we tried to get them to jump out of the water when we tossed in pieces of bread! I wish I had better knowledge of my camera to capture it, but I still have more to learn to get those kind of shots.

I took a couple of pictures of the girls in a cool looking tree in front of the fountain. It was very shady & even with my flash, they were dark & needed to be Photoshopped to look half way decent.

You can't even tell there is a fountain behind them :(

I had D sit on a rock in front of the fountain that was more in the sunlight. A little better, but still not as good as I would've liked. I think I had my camera on the wrong setting. Better make sure I double check them next time!!

All these pics I had the sun either behind me of off to the left a bit, so I need to learn how to take pics with the sun in different locations. Usually it's in front of me {like the first pic of the fountain} and those pictures I think typically look better.

Just more learning on my part!

We walked around the large pond, heading back to the van when 4 turtles came swimming towards us.

I think they were hoping for some bread crumbs, but we only had a few pieces of bread that we gave all to the ducks & koi. But it was fun to see the little guys swimming around.

It was getting too hot after being there for only 30 minutes or so, so we began heading back. I wanted s few more pictures of the girls, so I took what I like to call "Hey You!" shots.

You know, ones where you aim the camera then call out "Hey R!" so she looks toward you while you snap.

Of course, I don't always get a good shot & have to do a do over. By then they've caught on and, as in the case of D, it becomes a battle.

After the park, D & I had to run over to the middle school to get her schedule & photo ID.

Naturally, she was more cooperative with the school photographer in getting her picture taken than she is with me!



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